May 17, 2018 · 

E.E.S. President John Gibson, the Founder of E.E.S. and Fee-Only financial planning in Canada.


Many of you may be surprised to learn that E.E.S. is celebrating  50 years in business in 2018. I am sure  you will agree this is a milestone which is not achieved by many businesses. I can assure you that when I conceived of a  Fee Only Personal Financial Planning firm in 1968 (the first of its kind in Canada) never in my wildest moments  did I think we would be celebrating its anniversary a half a century later. But, here we are and I am proud to say that E.E.S. in all the intervening years has never lost its focus to provide knowledgeable advice, with the cornerstone being its independence from the sale of any product or alternative agenda. I truly believe it is this unique philosophy and approach to personal financial planning that allows E.E.S. to have so many long standing friends and clients.

But, when reminiscing about our history, we cannot forget our staff, many of whom (like our clients) have shared decades with E.E.S.  They are all very dedicated to  their clients and we hope you feel the results of their hard work.  Naturally, they too are extremely excited to be part of the 50th Year Celebration.  To that end, and to show them our appreciation of their contribution towards achieving this milestone, we have planned a very special event.  They and their partners will be travelling together for a week long vacation to Costa Rica.   This trip has been on the drawing boards for almost a year.  So, you can imagine the excitement is now palpable. 

In order for us to hang the Gone Fishing sign, our offices will be closing for the week of May 20th.   As always, thank you for your continued support and we hope you join us in wishing our staff ‘The Trip of a Lifetime’. 



President and CEO