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The Financial Jigsaw Puzzle

Is it time to put the pieces of your financial puzzle together? E.E.S. can help. Contact Us today.

To solve a puzzle, you have to have all the (right) pieces

Navigating your financial future is a matter of finding the right pieces of a puzzle in order to form the complete picture that represents the goals you hope to achieve.

At E.E.S., we pride ourselves on being master puzzle solvers; our financial consultants are equipped with the tools, experience, and expertise required to not only identify each of the important variables that are specific to your current financial situation and your specific future aspirations, but also to understand how these will all work together for you.

There are a number of pieces of the financial puzzle that are common across the clients we serve: Retirement Planning, Cash flow Management, Debt Management, Education (RESP) Funding, Investment Planning, RRSP/TFSA strategies, Insurance, Tax Planning, Estate/Succession Planning Small Business Integration, Second Property Purchase (Home/Cottage), Marriage/Divorce, Children or Elder Care.

E.E.S. consultants have the expertise and experience to help you put together the pieces of your financial jigsaw puzzle.

Getting started: discovering what matters to you

When preparing for your future, having a solid foundation is imperative to be able to understand one’s goals, assets and the elements required to achieve the financial future desired.

What do you want your financial future to look like?
What are your goals aspirations and dreams?

Many of our Individual Services begin with a complete financial review, which serves as the initial discovery phase of your personal finance puzzle. 

From this exercise, we will have the 360° view of your specific financial situation, gathering information on everything from existing assets and investments, to less concrete variables such as retirement goals and important life events that affect your financial goals. Knowing what you wish to achieve, we will also take the time to learn as much as we can about your current financial situation. This includes everything from assets and liabilities, to child care, job loss and much more.

We take a three-pronged approach to planning your financial future. Ideating your goals and aspirations. Learning the complete scope of your current finances, and finally, strategizing the plan to make your dreams a reality.

Putting the pieces together: your financial plan

At this stage, having collectively obtained the full scope of your financial realities and aspirations, we’ll provide you with the roadmap to piece together the puzzle in the form of a comprehensive financial plan with an agenda focused on your objectives. We will work together to create strategies, provide tools and plan to make your financial future a reality. 

As you begin to place the various elements of the puzzle to obtain your complete financial future, we’ll be right there with you; E.E.S. will stay pro-actively involved in the development, implementation and monitoring of the planning strategies.

Ready to start putting the pieces together for your own financial journey?

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