The Bronze Level service is designed to allow everyone to benefit from basic financial planning. We provide individuals with a focus on his or her personal situation, test hypothetical scenarios & the impacts specific to your financial situation. In addition, the financial coach who works with the individual will suggest financial planning strategies designed to improve financial position and security.

The Bronze Level Financial Planning Program Includes:

  • The participant (and spouse) completing a questionnaire to the best of their ability prior to the meeting.
  • The participant (and spouse) and financial coach meeting for approximately two (2) hours to review a comprehensive personalized financial analysis which includes cash flow and capital accumulation forecasts.
  • During the presentation, various "what if" scenarios and financial strategies can be reviewed. A copy of the final analysis together with a checklist of suggested strategies.
  • Telephone and/or email access to our Information Centre for 90 days following the planning session to address subsequent questions.