Financial Divorce Specialists articulate the long-term financial impact of each asset that is being considered for division. Our ability to provide unbiased advice to both parties makes financial divorce services pertinent for any marital couple going through divorce settlements.

The role of the Financial Divorce Specialist is to help clients avoid making costly mistakes in the division of assets relating to their future well-being.

By effectively communicating the long term benefit and impact of the division of specific assets (such as the marital home, RRSPs, pensions, etc.), both spouses have full understanding and confidence in the process. This cohesive decision-making process often leads to quick settlements between parties instead of lengthy, expensive court trials. Ultimately, this results in less anger, bitterness, and reduces the emotional toll on all family members.

At E.E.S., our team of financial professionals can help your family through this stressful period of your life by providing you with the expertise you need to understand and achieve your financial goals in the next stages of your life.