The program’s objective is to provide employees with the necessary tools to properly plan for financial and lifestyle changes resulting from their retirement.

Several reasons to offer such a program to your employees are:

  • To shift the responsibility for financial decisions and financial security in retirement from the employer to the employee.
  • To provide a thorough explanation of company benefit plans.
  • To answer a growing need by employees for timely and, more importantly, totally objective financial planning advice.
  • To give your employees a lasting benefit.
  • To enhance your company's image by showing that you care about your employees, even in retirement.

Pre-Retirement Seminars cover a wide range of subjects relating to retirement planning. While E.E.S. can customize a program to fit the need of your group, some popular topics are:

  • Overview of opportunities and challenges resulting from retirement
  • Retirement lifestyle
  • Setting financial goals and objectives, and plans to achieve them
  • Strategies to improve the financial situation of the employees
  • Investing wisely to achieve financial independence
  • Tax minimization
  • Sources of retirement income
  • Estate planning