The fundamental difference between the ‘Gold Level' and ‘Silver Level' programs is the time, implementation and availability of the E.E.S. consultants. The Silver Level service requires more time and commitment of the participant.

The Silver Financial Plan Service Provides:

  • A complete financial review; insurance needs review, and estate planning requirements. 
  • Preparation of a comprehensive financial plan with an agenda focused on the client's stated objectives. 
  • Follow-up meeting in a year to discuss progress. 
  • Income tax preparation for the client, spouse and dependent children. 
  • Emphasis on strategies to enhance wealth through: 
    • Reduced taxes 
    • Increased investment returns 
    • Discipline through savings strategies
  • Limited telephone access to E.E.S. consultant.
  • Limited access to the E.E.S. Extra Economic Savings program.
  • Access to financial planning newsletters.
  • 3-4 hours of one-on-one financial counselling with an E.E.S. consultant exclusive of periodic telephone discussions (additional time is charged on an hourly basis).

A summary list of areas that will be reviewed, in both the Gold Level program and the Silver Level programs include: cash flow or debt management, structuring and monitoring an investment portfolio, tax minimization strategies, planning for children's education, structuring an estate plan and determining insurance needs.